Welcome to The Shoestring Golfer

Welcome all to my new blog, long overdue, but better late than never!


Being my first attempt at ‘blogging’ and my introduction into the Web Community, I thought I should start by explaining a little bit about myself…..so here goes!


I am Chris, a thirty-one year old South African tour guide and traveller with a love for travel, golf and Southern Africa.  In the last ten years I have been fortunate enough to travel to most parts of Southern Africa, while escorting visitors from all over the world. Enabling them, and myself, to see and experience some of the many wonders we have on offer.


I have also had the chance to work in a handful of the top Country Clubs and Resorts in the United States, giving me the chance to play on the type of courses I would normally only see on the TV and at the same time, saving enough money to travel the World and explore the places of my dreams.


As a golfer, I have been able to play golf as I travelled, finding, in most cases, the cheapest golf course in the area and teeing it up with a variety of partners. So while travelling with my backpack, golf bag and a very tight budget, I have been lucky enough to play in the USA, Mexico, Argentina, New Zealand, Australia, England and Canada.


Like most travellers, I have fantasies of sharing my travel stories and tips with an audience greater than that of our family dinner table, so I started out by writing a couple of articles from my Golf and World travels over the last few years, I decided they would be the ideal way to kick off my blog escapades.  So in the next two blogs I post, you will be able to read about my Las Vegas golf experience and my epic Round-The-World golf holiday.


At the end of the month I will be heading off on my next big adventure, backpacking in Turkey & Greece for 5 weeks. So will hopefully have some more fun stories to tell and new ‘shoestring’ golf courses to report on.


So for now, that’s me.  I hope you enjoy reading my blogs and that they inspire you to pack your Backpack & Golf Bag and head off on your own shoestring golfing holiday!


The Shoestring Golfer