Garden Route Golf – Part 1 – The Intro

Before I say too much, I think this video will explain a lot about today’s blog:

As the clock counts down to the weekend and the final pieces fall into place, The Shoestring Golfer prepares himself for two new experiences; Running his first half marathon; and a budget golf tour of the beautiful Garden Route.

Over the next couple of weeks I am going to be visiting one of the most popular golfing regions in South Africa, The Garden Route, and by making use of the extensive network of backpacker hostels and transport options available, I aim to show all local and foreign tourists the affordability of a vacation, golfing or not, in this area.

The golfing side of this trip is going to be made possible by my purchase of the Garden Route Golf Passport, I will be telling you more about the Passport as I go, but if you would like more information on the various options available, check out their website at  I am going to be making use of the Standard Passport, which allows me 5 rounds of golf at the courses I am going to show and tell you about.

Apart from the beautiful golf courses, I hope to bring you a taste of the area, including the tourist attractions, scenery, accommodation and ways of getting around.

The plan is to update this blog every day, but the availability of internet access might not make it possible, but be sure to check in daily to see what new things I have been getting up to and to learn more about The Shoestring Golfer.

A special thanks to Lindie who helped me get this first video out there!

See you on the course! (or the road!)

7 thoughts on “Garden Route Golf – Part 1 – The Intro

  1. Jon and Elle

    That is awesome.. We are holding thumbs that the half marathon goes as planned and have no doubt we will be able to see how best to do the golfing garden route on a shoestring 🙂 Enjoy and have an awesome adventure..

  2. Graham Wood "Woody"

    Awesome Bro…. Looking forward to Joining you on a few budget golf trips soon!

  3. Gareth John

    Hey Chris just checked out some of your blog and the video on youtube. Very very awesome and hope you are successful. Great idea and congrats for completing the Knysna half its a great race hey I dig, was in Mozambique at the time, anyway have fun, enjoy and keep us posted.
    Cheer G