City Golf

It took three weeks of backpacking through Thailand and Cambodia before finding a place to play my first round in Asia.  While Bangkok and Hua Hin, the first coastal stop, both had a number of golfing options, they all turned out to be rather pricey golf resorts and I had to wait until Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia, before playing.  Once I had found a place to play, it was even more difficult finding a tuk-tuk driver who could get me there.  City Golf is a Driving Range and 9-Hole Par-3 course.  There isn’t a lot of space, so the holes are all quite short and the course plays out along the one side of the range, across the back, and then back down the other side again.  A very unique, but well planned and beautiful range and course, both with floodlights to allow for night play.  My clubs, a few balls on the range and 9 holes came to about $20 with a caddy (my first ever female caddy).

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