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Writing the ‘About Me’ section of any blog, website or profile always feels like a bit of a job interview, but with an online dating twist to it.  So as we start this relationship, which I hope will be a long and happy one, I thought I would let you know a little bit about myself: Who I am, Where I’m from, and Why I think you will enjoy reading my golf travel blog.

Many people think the ‘About Me’ page on a blog is too static, especially for someone who is traveling and learning new things all the time, but here are some things about me, which I don’t think are going to change any time soon.

I am from Cape Town, on the South Western tip of both South Africa and the African continent.  While the little green book we call the South African Passport is not always the best travel companion, I have been able to feed my addiction for travel and see many amazing places around the World. I’ve also been able to play golf on six of the seven continents, so it is only a matter of time until I make the trip to Antarctica!

Since starting this blog a couple of years ago I have finally come in off the road, the years of overland guiding providing me with so many amazing memories, experiences and friends.  Fortunately I was able to find a job within in the industry and am now working in Cape Town for a Safari Operator.  I think I may also have dropped a stroke on my handicap to a 12, but still only play once a month, so it doesn’t leave much time for improvement.

I’m still as social a golfer as ever and just love being out there. Whether it is on a new course in a new country or one of favourites here in Cape Town, it’s great to just be playing.  Now that I am in Cape Town though, I will hopefully be bringing you The Shoestring Golfer’s insight into budget golf in the Mother City.

My Clubs: I bought/acquired most of my equipment while working at The Polo Club of Boca Raton, Florida, at the end of 2005/beginning of 2006.  First I bought the Taylormade R5 10.5 degree Driver (with Aldila NVS 65-R shaft), followed by a real bargain on the Titleist 704CB Forged Irons (on True Temper R300 shafts), I then swopped sand wedges with my friend, Andre, to get a Titleist DCI 56 degree.  The lob wedge, Titleist 6000S 60 degree, and putter, Ray Cook Blue Goose, I rescued out of an old bag when one of the members was getting rid of some old clubs!  Thanks to Tony, the Caddy Master at Glen Oaks Club, New York, I scored a Ogio Stand Bag, which is starting to wear out, so Tony, if you are reading this…….!  I normally wear a Footjoy WeatherSof Glove and play with any of the hundreds of balls I found while clearing the driving range or cleaning golf carts at Glen Oaks, (I shipped them all home!), but prefer a softer ball like the Titleist Pro V1, Maxfli Noodle or Precept Lady/Laddie.  I am a huge adidas fan, so you’ll find me in my adidas Fit RX golf shoes at the moment.

Enough about me though, Who is The Shoestring Golfer?  In mid 2011, while brainstorming the various names for a blog, The Shoestring Golfer was born, much like me, he loves to travel, to play golf and above all, he loves to find a bargain!  So you can be sure that as he travels, he will be keeping you informed of the best deals out there and the best ways to make your golf addiction more affordable.

If you would like to read more about me, check out my first blog post, Welcome to The Shoestring Golfer (March 2011).

Oh yes, if you were wondering, I’m about 6 foot 4, right handed and a Capricorn! (I don’t think any of those will change in the near future!)

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  1. Terry H.

    Hey Chris, not bad.. Nice, simple professional look.. Nothing about your badminton life?
    PS: As far as this page being static, you could modify the top image tag to have one of several images (I know you have tons) load when the page is accessed.

    Mr. T.

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